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You tend to be down to earth and sensible, while your Leo tends to be dramatic and extravagant.

You like to plan and work towards a better and more secure tomorrow, while your Leo is often more interested in living large today.

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Regardless of how well you can keep a tune, you need an outlet for voicing your ideas: a book club, writers group, support circle, or extended remix of the high school debate team.

Massages are a must-have, since you carry tension in your upper back and shoulders, usually caused by domestic stress.

You both appreciate the finer things in life - quality and luxury possessions and vices. You like to save for a rainy day (at least until you have a substantial nest egg) while your Leo likes to spend and enjoy - often as a way to demonstrate their success to the world.

You both tend to be possessive and jealous, valuing commitment and loyalty in a partner. Leo is also typically a very social partner, while you tend to value time at home more highly, often not wanting to go out and mingle unless there's a good reason to.

Save the occasional sparring session (you have those bull horns for a reason), you prefer to dwell in harmonious surroundings.

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