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Electron gun Electron gun - the component thatemits electrons from the cathode surface. If the image color bands do not appear on the screen, check out the replacement filter CF1 and chip IS11.

Gunconsists of a heater, cathode, modulator G1(Controls the intensity of the electron beam)accelerating electrode G2, focusingelectrodes G3, (G4) and highcylindrical electrode G5, which imparts a rayextra energy before reaching it atphosphor layer.3. After 10 minutes of the device,vertical stripes become wavy character. Before replacing the chip to check its power and quartz XT2 (4,43 MHz).

Anodevoltage above 20 KV is applied to the coating atmonitor is working.4. On the remote, press the button: 1) "down"2) "Up" 3) "left" 4) "right" 5) click"OK" or "M" service code "089."MAGNUM TV7050VT. After replacing ICM2 (Eprom) maythat when you set up channels, setting does not happen (will not be found anyone channel or the quality settings will be very bad). When troubleshooting, capacitycliff jumper W216, you can create arbitrary inclusion of the device afterenergisation. There are several parent Motherboard:1) under Videosolor keniskop2) under the Panasonic keniskop Where to put Videosolor keniskop fee from Panasonic, possibly Symptom as pincushion distortion can not be aligned. Limit adjustmentin the setup menu stops at "0" The reason for the difference of valuesresistor RD37.1) Videosolor on board, he has a value of 2.5 ohms2) and the Panasonic board its value 1.5 ohms. When you set up channels, the cursor Table menu runs to the end, but no channels tuned. If everything is OK, check for a signal frequency of 4.43 MHz on the pin.

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Characteristics of circuits for modifying the AFC TDA8362-N5 is optimized for the European standard drive. SBL option must be turned off (OFF), and BKS option is enabled (ON). Adjust the contrast and brightness to derive the maximum. Slowly moving forward block magnets, achieve uniform color vertical green stripes and temporarily fix the block magnets. Keep in mind that changing the angle between the magnets reduces the vertical lines, and their simultaneous rotation - horizontal. Checking the key transistoroutput stage line scanning (the so-called HOT -Horizontal Output Transistor) Q500 (see Figure 1) with Meter makes it easy to determine itsmalfunction.

The scheme of automatic gain control (AGC) generates the control voltage UPCHI and tuner (vyv.47 TDA8362), providing a constant signal amplitude at the inlet and outlet UPCHI video amplifier. PSU: F100 (2,5 A), TR100 (P4MA80F1), D115 (BY299), D100, D103 (1N4007),and diode PH-37K without feet on the back side of the board. Reset mode (RESET) allows you to automatically install all the default settings. First you should check the power supply "B ", which shall be 125 V. With the test signal generator is served black and white signal and control focus to have clear images of the lines in the center of the screen.3. Must be concluded GK tube panel connect the oscilloscope probe. Moving magnets forward or backward along the neck of the kinescope, sought "appears on the vertical green stripes (Fig. Alternatively include only blue and only the red gun, check the purity of the color red and blue fields, respectively. But do not hurry up with the inclusion ofmonitor the network after replacing the abovetransistors on non-defective, becausemost cases (in my experience a 100%cases) out of its failure is accompanied bydamage to the key transistor Q133 (see Figure 2)in the circuit switching regulator(Transducer) voltage outputcascade line scan B .

Deviation proportional to the intensitymagnetic field, which in turnproportional to the current flowing in the coils. If anyor functions are blocked (eg sound increases only for half- It can be seen on the cursor), then you need by pressing the power buttondevice and "I" button remote control to activate the input On the Table menu settings. 2) SMT resistor RP36 resistance at 22ohm (symbol "223"), should be replaced by resistor4,7 k Ohm. If the generator is running, check all the external elements IS12 and chip control and clock signals (see below).

In other words, the deviation is proportionaldeflection current and the square of the anodevoltage. If the elements are functioning properly and the signals are fed to the decoder color - replace the chip IC12.

To reduce the steepness of vyv.44 TDA8362 connect a resistor. Column "OSD" - the name of the settings displayed in the OSD (On Screen Display). The output of the generator test signals are signaling a white field. Rotating at the same time the two rings of magnets and save the angle between them, combine the red and blue horizontal lines in the center of the screen. Sometimes the repairs coming monitors "DAEWOO"CMC-1509B which when you turn them into a networkobserved flash indicator "POWER" onfront panel, most likely indicatesthe presence of an overload pulse sourcepower on one channel of the secondaryvoltage.