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Several years ago, tires were slashed on more than a dozen of Somalis' cars, KBIA-FM reported.

More recently, three individuals are facing charges after a Somali woman said they yelled at her and used racial slurs before assaulting her at a city park in October, reported.

With Abdullahi acting as translator, their mother, Mun Omer — a Somalian who arrived in the United States in October — said she initially thought President Trump's executive order banning immigrants or visa holders from seven countries — Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria and Yemen — for 90 days and refugees for 120 days meant refugees like her would have to return to their home countries.

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Somalis have faced a decades-long civil war in their African country of 10.8 million.

In 1990, the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees estimated that about 470,000 Somalis living outside the country, 55% of the Somali diaspora, were in refugee camps; by 2014, the number of Somali refugees was 1.1 million.► Related: Kurdish family arrives in Nashville after travel ban delay By mid-2015, the United States was home to about 150,000 Somali migrants, according to the United Nations.

It sits across the Elk River from downtown, and starting about 10 years ago, the plant's relatively high starting wages and promises of steady work changed the town's demographics."The companies who produce food, like chicken, throughout the year they don't have layoffs," Abdullahi said, explaining Noel's main appeal to the newcomers.► Related: Lawyers rush to meet Monday deadline on Trump travel ban appeal While rural America often is overwhelmingly white, in the past decade the meatpacking industry has attracted an influx of refugees to select small towns.

Along with Noel, sizable Somali communities can be found in places like Liberal, Kan.; Lexington, Neb.; and Fort Morgan, Colo.

"They were just waiting on the flight."Another Somali woman who became a U. citizen in 2013 said she has two sons and a daughter who live in a refugee camp in Ethiopia.