Adult dating services kensington connecticut - Updating a house of tomorrow

Still, if you’re renovating with your own family in mind, you can develop a smart plan by asking for features that are easy to update when it comes time to sell.

A good designer and contractor can easily help in this situation (and can very often get you industry discounts! The return on investment for a fresh coat of paint is up to 165%—the best ROI of any home improvement.

And it goes beyond accessibility to include appealing and stylish features that are widely available today.

By incorporating this type of design into remodeling projects for two of the most important rooms of your house – your kitchen and bathroom – you will help ensure that you can live safely and independently even as your needs change.

It’s a renovation that will require a lot of work, money, and inconvenience, but will allow you and your family to enjoy the home more fully in the up-coming years.