Validating that audit has been initialized

ISO 9000 quality management systems, or ISO 14001 environmental management systems).

Characteristic of compliance audits, are the yes/no aspects of the evaluation.

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For each process or transaction examined, the compliance auditor must ultimately decide whether it complies with the chosen standard or does not.

Often, the ratio of non-compliant outcomes to compliant outcomes is calculated and used as a basis to estimate an overall percentage of "non-compliance." (Such ratios, often used to extrapolate sample results to the total population, should be verified to be sure that underlying assumptions support their use as estimators.) The auditor typically reports reasons for noncompliance, if found; describes implications and risks of noncompliance; and suggests corrective action to prevent future occurrences.

This enables you to keep the file sizes of OS and XML audit files in check.

The subprograms enable you to perform cleanup operations on all audit trail types.

If it takes more time to COMMIT an audit record than defined by the Audit Commit Delay, then a copy of the audit record is written to the operating system (OS) audit trail.

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