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If all else fails, I can always count on at least being able to have the opportunity to meet someone via an online dating site, all depending on how much effort I put into it.

So once the gears had settled down a bit and I could finally decipher what thought, I realized that my subconscious is a bit more active in my decisions than I thought. A friend of mine who recently discovered this online diary of mine shared some gems he'd learned about online dating through a slightly more scientifically themed study he'd done for school a few years ago (like an actual study, not this daily electronic attempt to make sense of this confusion that I do! Besides his discovery that more women smile in their profile pictures than men do and more men use negative statements like "I don't want" while women tend to use the flip of that stating what they are looking for in a mate, he shared with me that many people who are online dating view it as a last resort.

Using this year (and this blog) as a period of self-discovery, I pondered this for a while.

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Conversely, online dating allows me to flirt, communicate, connect when I have time, basically around the clock.