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That being said, I vow to support my friends in their choices, but I also vow to make sure their choices won’t be harmful to themselves or others.

I vow to not download Tinder, and to only ‘swipe left’ when it comes to online shopping – not online shopping for people.

In other words, stand by me, even if you don’t agree with vegetarianism. No, I don’t want to eat that pizza with the pepperoni picked out. And don’t say things like, “oh you’re a vegetarian, but you can eat chicken, right? I don’t care as long as it’s not going into my body. Or keep making you try meatless food you don’t like. I won’t act like your food is gross while you’re eating it. I won’t spew off facts about factory farming or animal slaughter. I’ll buy you Kentucky Fried Chicken when you’re having a bad day.

If we’re at your family or friend’s house for a meal and there isn’t much for me, make the situation less awkward by helping me find something or explaining to the hosts why I’m not eating meat. This may sound stupid, but try to remember I’m a vegetarian. If you keep forgetting it’s like you don’t care about something important to me. As long as I clean the pan, I don’t care that chicken gizzards (or whatever people eat) were once there. I won’t drag you to a bunch of vegetarian restaurants that you hate.

It’s something that is just as me as being blonde or Italian or snorting when I laugh.