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I’m guessing this would be less than ideal, which is why it’s important to focus on some of the best acting agencies in London, and sign only with the reputable places with great reputation.

Remember, a good talent agent should provide actors with much more than work opportunities.

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They both agreed that it would be an excellent idea to see each other again, perhaps over dinner.

The lady in question was not really into social media but, having been stung by a past relationship, she thought she would ‘Google’ the guy she met. He was boasting to his followers that it was best to leave people wanting more, ‘Just like I did last night’ (wink wink) Oh dear.

(Read the full review) Wouldn't waste any of your time or money on any of the sites operated by their parent company , to entice extra payment you will get bombarded by pages of suitable dates , if you find the button to display...

There’s been a bit of a hoo ha recently over ill considered tweets from and about some well known figures.

Anybody aspiring to become an actor in London will usually start with the (in)famous question: “How do I get an agent?