What is the game when you are dating ciarra dating

The problem is that this can grow into a form of emotional abuse, and can cover some serious control issues the man is facing.

The second dating game is to take advantage of the commitment-phobe excuses.

Men use these excuses to keep a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship so they don’t feel guilty while keeping an eye open just in case something better comes along.

Playing dating games, or allowing another, can result in ending up in the wrong relationship.

It is more important to understand why men play games. They need control to feel safe or they need to prove their superiority.

Dishonesty goes deeper than telling lies – it is a core value – a character trait. The best way to identify this is to ask about previous relationships and listen carefully to the answers.

If he beats around the bush, then take a step back.

Their expectations are far above what is considered emotionally healthy.

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