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But if you really do like a friend and want to take it further down the path of love, then this piece on kissing a friend may not be appropriate for you.

[Read: Falling in love with a friend] But on the other hand, if you just want know how to kiss a friend, and then worry about your mixed feelings later, this may be the easiest way forward.

Now you can linger your hands on their back or go straight for the kiss. But if it does last, the kiss could lead both of you into bed and even go a lot further. Get this easy step right, and you’re definitely going to do a lot more than kiss your friend. [Read: How to text flirt and seduce a friend] Times when you just shouldn’t kiss a friend Now that you know the best tips on how to kiss a friend sneakily and avoid any complications, perhaps it’s time to know the times when you should never really kiss a friend.

[Read: How to have sex with a friend] On the other hand, if your friend does take offense, you could apologize profusely and tell your friend you didn’t know what came over you. #4 Accidentally kiss your friend Now if you want to know the dirt on how to kiss a friend while trying this, you won’t be able to get a big, wet kiss using this move. #1 When they’re being touchy feely Look, friends can be touchy feely or every flirty at times.

But at other times, you may not always end up lucky and another friend may end up kissing the friend you want to kiss.