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Then, find out more about his tracker in 5 things we learned about the Fitbit Blaze.

When you hear “a stand-up finishing his set,” the last thing you think of is a ripped guy hanging from a pullup bar and busting through a set of brutal elevated crunches.

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They didn’t plan this, but Hart gets a huge kick out of it, posting a twinsies pic to his nearly 40 million Instagram followers. Put some tape on it.” Boss’ comeback is pretty straightforward: “Shut up and lift.” shoes, as in, the shoes with his name on the side—the Nike “Hustle Harts.” Because this comedian has a shoe deal.

The only thing that seems to delight him more is the fact that Boss has a tiny tear in his leggings. It makes a compelling case for never again viewing Hart as simply a comedian.

It takes a massively successful comedian to fill an audience with over 50 thousand people, but Kevin Hart has managed to do just that.

In this incredible special, Hart tackles all of the topics that have made his comedy shows so popular.

In our behind-the-scenes interview with cover star Kevin Hart, we got to hear about how he has so much energy—and presents the best version of himself.