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The judges, running out of time, didn’t adequately gush IMHO, but JLo did say it was the perfect way to end the show.

AAs the numbers dwindle, predictions become more difficult.

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A-Pia Toscano bid adieu to her ballads and performed, “River Deep, Mountain High,” by Tina Turner.

With the help of Gwen Stefani’s printed potato sack, Pia managed to transform her gorgeous self into a 1980’s inspired frump.

The panel featured Steven Slate, one of the top audio producers, Brian London, a music director for some of the biggest artists, including Katy Perry, Rihanna, Jason Derulo, and Lady Gaga, Ryan Rabin, the drummer and producer for the band Grouplove, and Haley Reinhart, a former third place finalist on who is now signed with Interscope Records.

Goldman kicked off the panel with the question everyone in the room wondered -- how does someone start a career in the music industry? He studied Musical Theatre in Chicago then moved to Los Angeles and managed to get his first job all because of someone he was "sitting next to." Slate, however, talked about the risky ways he took to making it big.

As the panel went on, Goldman's questions became more personal.