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After France, Switzerland—and I'm cutting out many East European countries where we were for only a few months each—then Poland in Kraków ...

After that we went to Belgium, then to Hawaii, which was a short time, and then came to London.

Born in Hong Kong, Kaif and her family lived in several countries before she moved to London.

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With Daggubati Venkatesh, she played the title role of a princess forced to flee from her murderous caretaker.

Kaif received a reported a story of two like-minded strangers who fall in love despite being engaged to others.

Primarily known for her work in Hindi films, Kaif has also appeared in Telugu and Malayalam films.

In addition to being one of Bollywood's highest-paid actresses, she is considered one of India's most attractive celebrities by media.

Kaif played Maya, a college student who later marries a terrorist.

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