Who was brooke from harlem heights dating

Enter our contest by filling out the information below and uploading your video to the link that appears AFTER you click submit. HARLEM HEIGHTS is a half-hour reality docu-drama highlighting the ups and downs of several young African-American professionals struggling to balance hectic work schedules with complicated social lives. Are you just like one of the cast members from BET's newest reality show Harlem Heights?

The contestant with the winning video will receive a "Harlem Heights Survival Kit" complete with a Blackberry, Laptop, and digital camera.

It documented the lives of eight trendy African-American 20-somethings as they navigated through relationships and their professional lives. Along with fellow reality series College Hill and Baldwin Hills, Harlem Heights was discontinued as BET shifted to scripted programs like The Game.

(season 1) Graduate of Morehouse College and a member of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity. Bridget goes to an African American theater fund raiser and afterwards asks a friend about her behavior.

Jason continues his work on starting his non-profit organization.